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Just another Sunday

I have been wondering if when will I start writing again… or should I say typing? Yeah I know it’s a very corny one. Anyways, since I got here in Japan which is nearly three months ago, I didn’t get the chance to put what’s inside my heart and mind in words.

I never thought three months will ever be this colorful. I used the term colorful because I mean all the colors, not just pink, red or yellow for happy colors. I’ve been into different shades each week. And I hope I can end it as soon as possible.

Today is Sunday, and I don’t know if it’s just like one of my ordinary Sunday. As usual, I went to Japanese school. It was raining but not that hard so I decided to cross the rain with raincoat and umbrella. I hate wearing raincoat but just this June of this year, Japan implemented the rule of not using umbrella while riding the bicycle, so I don’t have any choice. I was just few minutes away from my apartment when I saw other Japanese using their umbrella so, instead of mumbling my sentiments while getting my face with raindrops, I popped my umbrella to open. Chala! Oh by the way, I decided to wear shorts and sleeveless under my pink jacket. Hehehe… it was raining but it wasn’t cold.

And when I reached the school’s place, guess who I saw? Well, it’s just the cute teacher. He’s also wearing shorts and sandals. I guess because it’s raining and it’s really troublesome to wear pants and getting wet ending up with heavy and cold cloth in your legs. Actually, I don’t know the guy’s name. I saw him when he introduced his self during his first day as volunteer teacher. I thought he was one of the students because I think he is still on his late early twenties if I am correct. He said he was a college student. It’s just amazing for a young Japanese to spend their weekends in a volunteer school instead of spending time with their friends or playing with their psp3 or wii. And he always had this friendly smile for everyone. Yes, I had a crush on him but it’s an admiration. Too bad he can’t be my teacher. Because no matter how cute he is, I will never exchange my teacher for anyone else. She’s so nice and like a friend to us.
I don’t know if I am early or because it’s raining, my other classmates were all late. I fixed the table and seats in the tatami room. To my surprise, the cute teacher also entered that room with his student. It must be my lucky day to have some inspiration while studying. After few seconds, Sensei arrived then Palak. Kazou arrived 20 minutes late but we almost start the tutorial at almost 11AM. There were only three of us and Sensei but we never ran of something to talk about. Maa, Runasan kara aitei wa, Sensei nara oshaberu wa tomaranai nee… Hahahaha We didn’t even finished one reading comprehension because of our talkativeness. Then time to go home. It was raining but I want to go to the train station to check out the ticket for Shinkansen so the four of us headed to the station. As usual, I was riding with Kazou, and then on our back were Sensei and Palak. It was really tedious riding a bicycle with one of your hand on the umbrella. Kazou also used his umbrella in spite of the umbrella I am using. We were arguing though laughing when I turned my head back and I saw the cute teacher smiling just right behind us using a raincoat and not umbrella. Gosh! I want to shrink because Kazou and I were violating two rules in Japan at the same time. It’s not allowed to have two people in one bicycle and then we’re also using two umbrellas that time. And the cute Japanese teacher passed us by, though getting wet he still obey his country’s rule. I feel so bad. But there’s nothing I can do. Hehehe

From the station, Palak and I headed for grocery and parted our ways home. I haven’t eaten anything else for today because I still feel so full after how plenty I’ve ate last night with the dinner with the Vietnamese. I just ate the chicken nuggets that Palak bought me then started watching movies.

All I want is to smile, laugh and be inspired because tomorrow will be another battle for me. Honestly I don’t know what to do tomorrow.


An Angel in Pyjama

I am in blue and I can’t hide it too.
The tears just let go…
My child pushes herself towards me,
Asked my hand to hold her palm

What more a mother can ask for,
With her child lying and sleeping peacefully beside her?
Their arms wrapped around each other’s bodies…
Quietly saying, I am here for you.